by: Loei Herb Laboratory of Oriental Bio Co., Ltd.

100% Wild Grown with No Artificial Additives (GMP, GAP, HACCP certified)

Wild & Purest Medicinal Herbs from Thai

All Original Species Growing in Sacred Mountain Area

It’s medicinal Herb-Salad with no refining/artificial additives.

Our herbal products are prepared under different concept from the supplements found on shelves in pharmacies and health food stores.   What we offer is literally a bowl of truly natural and medicinal Herb-Salad in the form of tablets.  Some of our herbs provide wonderful flavor and taste as tea, and others are better in tablet form.  “Good medicine is bitter in the mouth” applies to our herbs too.  We developed proprietary technology of forming herb powder into tablets with no artificial binder and filling.  We use tiny amount of organic honey instead of artificial binder, thus our tablets are truly natural.


Why we insist on Wild Original Species ?

We human change/modify everything for our convenience, especially commercially.  Regardless of organic or mot, all animals and plants grow under human’s control significantly change from the original.  We do benefit from that, but also do lose a lot of the gift from nature.  We harvest from nature, do no extraction of ingredients for the best synergy effect, add no artificial binders/fillings, and don not use any containers, like capsule or gel.  Our products are truly natural.

No Cultivated Plants, yet Sustainable !!

Begin your journey to a healthier life with herbs grown in their truly natural environment.  Unlike the way most of herbs in the market are produced, we apply an unique concept of HOW as well as WHAT products bring to our market.

The ultimate difference is we live with nature rather than exploit it.  We not only actively strive to conserve nature, but also work to enhance it.  In return, we have the privilege of harvesting herbs in their purest form from the unspoiled earth.

We can then supply them to those who are truly conscious of their own health, as well as preserving nature.



Another Treasure Trove of Herbs

Eastern Medicinal Herbs are not exclusive to China and India.  Thailand also has its own superb herbs that are applicable to a variety of areas to improve your quality of life.  The uniqueness of our herbs is that they are all wildly grown original species.  They come from virgin land that is unspoiled by the instructions of careless mankind.  They are the real thing, natural in their ingredients with a highest concentration of nutrients, which are incompatible to those cultivated in man-made farms.

Try truly natural reals herbs, and experience the difference from those herbs commercially produced under human’s control. It’s different, and that’s what we need.

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